Create a branding package for a small delivery business you create.
Adobe Illustrator
The Process
I researched several delivery businesses in the area and the dived into smaller delivery businesses in the area. After researching and brainstorming I remembered a bakery I saw in Lancaster, PA. I loosely based the idea off this shop and decided to create a branding package for a small cake delivery business in Lancaster, PA. When deciding on a name for the business I thought of the quote "Have your cake and eat it too." I decided to shorten this by naming the company Eat it Too. The logo itself represents the class number cake candle, while the 2 stands for too. The font Pacifico represents the cursive icing on a cake.
Business Card
Sticking with the logo being the main focal point, I kept the same cover for both and had two variations of font colors for the backs of the business cards and added a QR code to both for easy access to their website.
Print Materials
Website Layout
For the website, I decided to add contrast by using various shades of pink found in the logo and using a brown in the header and in some type throughout the site. I enjoy the idea of pictures of the cakes being clickable to the next page for easy accessibility. An "About" tab hovers on the right side of the page to learn more about the small business and how they are involved in the community.
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