Hello! My name is Natalie and this past Spring(2024), I graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art with a concentration in Interactive/Graphic Design. I am very versatile in my design work. I enjoy working in publication, logo/branding, interactive prototypes, and social media graphics.
I was on Millersville's Cheerleading team for 5 years as a coed and all-girl flyer. This year my teammates and I made history at Millersville by being the first team to compete at UCA College Nationals and ranking 9th in the Nation. 
This past year I have worked as a social media manager for Millersville Ice Hockey D2 where I learned a lot about designing graphics for social media platforms, growing an account, and engaging with followers.
When I'm not designing, I can be found...
Exploring a National Park. So far, I have been to 27 National Parks and 42 states.
Hanging out with my teammates.
Working on my latest sewing project. (Currently sewing patchwork tote bags)
Or cuddling with my cat Remus. (Yes, he's names after Harry Potter)

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