Logo Ideations
Adobe Illustrator
Citrain Physical Therapy
Citrain Physical Therapy is a logo ideation created based on a fruit. We had to choose a fruit and an occupation to represent along with the fruit. For this project I knew I wanted to include a lemon and then bounced off other words that lemons are associated with such as citrus, citron, etc. After choosing the word citron I brainstormed how to include physical therapy into the title in which I chose the second half of the name, train, thus creating Citrain. The blue color palette gives the logo a sense of calm. In the C I chose to create an inverted lemon in the counter of the C.
Penguin Engineering
Penguin Engineering is a logo ideation based on an animal. The animal that first came to mind was a penguin. Penguins feel very sophisticated to me so I wanted an occupation to fit that in which I chose engineering. I thought about having the eye of the penguin represent a gear. For the lockup behind the logo, I mirrored a larger gear to give more dimension to the initial logo. The sans serif and serif fonts feel kind of contradictory yet strong which I feel like represents the brand best.
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