Design a pamphlet, ticket, and poster for an exhibition at an art museum. 
Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign
The Process
I chose an exhibition for the 2023 Doctorow Prize Winner, Chie Fueki, at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Chie Fueki creates contemporary life in motion through mixed-media art by using paint, drawing, cutting, and collaging on wood panels. To start the process I began researching Chie Fueki and her art. After I good a good grasp on her and her art I began creating thumbnail sketches, starting with the pamphlet. I knew that I wanted her art to standout amongst the background so I chose a stark contrast of a black background with white type. Her art has so many elements so I wanted to incorporate that into the print by mimicking some of her doodles she uses in her art and create flow through the pages. I created the doodles in Adobe Illustrator and the main prints in Adobe Indesign.
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